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Month: July, 2010

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A hard core lesbian girl who are both very aggresive when it comes to sex. They both want each other to be physical and dominated with each other because this two lesbian girls’s are tired to get fucked by a average guy that dont know how to fuck hard. This two girls becomes very wild when they are having sex. They both have a strong drive with each other like they dont fucked a long time ago. The other girl wants to stucked the whole five fingers or the fist of the other girl for her to really feel an to hit the G spot.

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Two long time relationship couples make out in the room, this two lesbian girl’s are doing this regularly when they feel in heat. As an advantage of their long time relationship they unerstand each other at any aspects like personality how they think and most specially understand each sexual life and fantasy’s. As this lesbian girl’s said it doesn’t matter if it is long term relationship or short the important is they care with each others feelings and being sensitive of what her partner might feel in her way of act. Sexual pleasure will followed because they know how to take care for each other.

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Two lesbian girls feels horny on their duty on a hotel casino at a christmas evening party. This two lesbian girl’s are working as a receptionist and the other one as a cashier at the casino. An hour before christmas day this two girls escaped on their duty because they will fucked. The two pretty lady are doing this in three consecutve years ever since they got hired by the casino managemant as a tradition to their luck to have a great career next year. The two girls decided to fucked at the bathroom for them to easily get back on to their duty.

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Long time college room mates gives one of their friend a unforgettable experience at a christmas day the girl in the middle is the one who is still a virgin the other two lesbian girls planned to raped their virgin friend because this two lady are concern to their friend that until that moment their virgin friend still not exepriencing the ultimate pleasure of her life, the two lesbian girls set their friend to come over their house after the party when they reached the house they started what they planned for and they succeed the virgin girl is now one of them.

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Two beautiful lesbian girl’s fucked at the white chair of the dressing room one of the girl brought one of her sex toy collection to introduce it to one of her friend that is curious on how is it feels when using them compared to the real cock. Two lesbian girl’s leave quietly to the other girls to try the sex toy they both go back to their dressing room and start the procedure by having a lot of fore play as a part of the performance to wet the pussy for her to really feel and enjoy the sex toy.

Two girls fucked at the pool side

Two beauty pageant contestant fucked at the pool side of the hotel, this lesbian girls gone wild and enjoyed their break time after having their bikini photo shoot. This two girl lesbian’s fucked and kiss each other smooth and soft at the morning sunshine a good ambiance and environment on the pool that makes them feel relax. They been doing this since the start of the beauty pageant for them to loosen up and forget the pressure on what is going on to the pageant this is also theyre way to get well prepared and mentally focus for the next challenge of the contest.

Sex massage in the pink bedroom

Personal assistant of the hit ramp model gives a back massage after their long day of work.But those back massage are very teasing and a sex motivatng moves that made the model gone wild.Her assistant has motive to put her in sexual trouble that will push her to fight with those sensual moves throwing her.She didn’t have a choice but to bite into the situation that she was frame up, has remove her clothes and the assistant clothes while having an intimate kiss.Lesbian girsl started to make more sexual moves in the fucking organs.Thus,the two lesbian girls had a very relaxing rest hours.