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Lesbian Erotica

Imagine two beautiful girls. Naked. One laying face down, with her perky ass in the air. The other, standing just over the sexy bareback with oil on her delicate fingers as they slide caressingly over the sexy, slender back and perfectly round butt cheeks of the girl lying naked on the massage table. Those fingers don’t stop at the ass cheeks. No. They continue down the long, athletic legs, resting only for a moment after sliding inside the warm, taut thighs of the beauty lying face-down. Then they move on, caressing the silky soft skin that stretches from the inner thigh, all the way down to cute little ankles, and then lightly back up the outside of the long legs until the hip bones are reached. Lightly squeezed. And you hear the gasp of excited pleasure from the naked girl who’s face down. The oiled fingertips gently make their way upward and underneath to the stomach, and then full, supple tits that are being pressed hard into the massage table. And another gasp of arousal escapes. You can enjoy this story’s end when you use this link to get a 74% off discount to All Girl Massage.